Mission Statement:

The mission of The Wandering Moose Education is to foster the development of the whole child ‐ physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and perceptual ‐ through use of an emergent curriculum based upon careful observation of children. We believe that a natural environment offers the ideal setting wherein a child may grow and develop freely, with the sort of enthusiasm and excitement that is often lacking in many traditional classrooms. By emphasizing the development of self‐regulation, self‐direction, and self‐ reflection, we provide children with the educational foundation that will support them for the rest of their lives. We value the relationship between parents and instructors and work to build the bridge between home and school that will nurture the growth of children during this important developmental time.


We work with children’s natural curiosity and passions. We gently motivate them to push their own comfort zones or “edges”, reading the ability level of each child to provide appropriate challenges. We provide a safe, community-oriented learning environment where each individual’s gifts are honored and children develop positive relationships with themselves and others. Children love it when adults play, learn, and wonder with them; as mentors we are part of the group, too! We engage their imaginations and help them focus their minds, and incorporate lots of sensory experiences to help make learning stick. Young children learn through play and mimicry. Most of what we do each day looks and feels like play.